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90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo The 90 Ball Bingo is most widely played across the UK and Australia. Similar to the 75 Ball Bingo in terms of having to buy a ticket and strike off the numbers as they are called out with the person who completes the game the fastest, this game is yet different. 90 Ball Bingo provides varied jackpots to the players, so it is always good to look out for the offers before you start playing. The aspects in which the 90 Ball Bingo is different from its 75 Ball counterpart are many. Take a look:

  • The cards of the 90 Ball Bingo have 3 rows of numbers across 9 columns.
  • Each row has 5 squares containing numbers from 1-90. The remaining squares are left blank.
  • The 90 Ball Bingo is played with 6 tickets, having all the 90 numbers.
  • If a player plays a strip in a single game, all the 90 numbers are covered. Thus, at each call, a number is struck off.
  • The 75 Ball Bingo uses different bingo patterns, while 90 Ball Bingo has only 3. These comprise:

Single Line Across where the person who strikes off 5 numbers horizontally wins the game. Two Lines Across which is similar to the single line, but with two lines or 10 numbers horizontally. The winner of Full House is determined when they cross off the 3 full lines on one card.

If you are a new player or are used to playing it in your local lobby, it is a good thing to go for the 90 Ball Bingo. However, the game is also a favorite among seasoned online bingo players.

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