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The modern age is all about choice and when it comes to gambling, choice could never be more prevalent. Here are five reasons why you should choose the online casino and online Maria bingo games over its brick and mortar cousin.

1. Transportation costs

If you don't leave the house you are never going to get into your car. Unless you live walking distance from a casino you are going to have to drive, catch a taxi or take public transport. Staying at home saves these expenses.

2. The Fear Factor

The live casino can be a very daunting place for someone making there first ever visit. You may feel shy in the surroundings of people who seem totally at home? Maybe you will end up in a game of Blackjack with a regular chastising your every play? Stay at home in the comfort of your own den. At least you know who the boss is.

3. Variety

Variety is the spice of life and the virtual world will always be able to cram in more gaming options than a casino. Even the super casinos in Las Vegas cannot compete with the infinite space available in the online world, and this isn't new info.

4. Look After Your Lungs

Depending where you live, casinos still allow smoking in their establishments. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy yourself as someone blows smoke into your face. Passive smoking is not good for you, stay at home in a smoke free environment.

5. No Waiting

Cues don't exist online. Whether it is waiting for a free cubicle in the toilet, a drink at the bar or a seat at the Blackjack table, cues are a pain in the proverbial.

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