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Bingo has always been a game that represented great value for money, and that's probably why it gained popularity so quickly when it was first introduced across America in the 1930s. And when American soldiers brought the game of bingo over the Atlantic during WW2, the game quickly caught on in the UK and other countries in Europe. For a small stake people stood a chance of winning a substantial prize.

Things remained the same over the years, but although the prize values became increasingly bigger, the stake always stayed low. And today, online bingo represents even better value as many of the main bingo sites offer games for free alongside the regular games. For example at you can find free bingo games taking place every 30 minutes in the Sunshine Lounge. Any player who has deposited cash into their account can join in the free games; it's the site's way of rewarding their loyal players with the chance to win real cash prizes without having to put any money down to play.

As well as the free games, there are always plenty of promotions to benefit from on bingo sites. The most obvious of these is the welcome bonus that you get when you first join a site. On 32 Red, for every £10 you put down, the site gives you a whopping £32 to play with.

But that's not where the promotions end. You can find re-deposit bonuses too, and there are often offers on pre-buy tickets where you'll get a certain number of free tickets added to the ones you've bought. Promotions are regularly updated on all the bingo sites, and there are new games added for each turn in the season or to tie in with topical events.

For many people bingo is not only a game that's cheap to play, but it can offer really great value for an evening's entertainment. The game is so simple to play – all you need to do is decide which games you are going to join and how many cards you're going to buy. Then the game itself runs through without any need for players to make decisions, so they're free to enter the bingo chat rooms and meet up with fellow roomies for a natter. You can easily spend a few hours having some fun playing bingo and chatting with fellow players, and all for less than a fiver.

And of course, while you're there having fun, you may just scoop the jackpot on one of the games you are playing, which would be the icing on the cake!

If you've not tried bingo online yet, then check out some of the sites that offer a no-deposit bonus, where you can play the real cash games without putting any of your own cash down simply by signing up and registering your payment card details.

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